Tracking emails from indico

Is there a way of tracking emails sent from indico? indico is configured to use a central email server not managed by us, so we can’t look at the logs there to see if anything has been received. I can see in the celery log that send_email task succeeded, but can’t see where it went.



Emails sent from an event got to the event log; if they have a green envelope next to them they were successfully sent to the SMTP server. There is no way for Indico to track anything beyond that (it’d have to monitor a mailbox for bounces etc, which is way out of the scope for Indico - and also not practical because not every event uses the same sender address).

Ok thanks. I can see the green envelope, but the user says no email has been received. I think this implies a problem with the central email server.

I’ve has some clarification from the user. He says that all the emails he expected are received, except when he judges an abstact. I’ve just gone through this process and can see before I judge that 1 notification has been sent (from when the abstract was submitted). I make sure the send notification is selected and click judge. The number of, anotifications stays at 1. In the event log there is no green envelope, and clicking on the event shows “Notifications sent False”.



That sounds like the “send notifications” checkbox when judging the abstract was unchecked.

Note: The envelope is only shown for the email log entries; “abstract judged” is a separate log entry that never has the envelope.

No it was definitely checked. I’ve just repeated the process with the same result. The event log again shows "Notifications sent False”. Maybe the “send notifications” checkbox is being ignored? Is there a way for us to check that?



do you have any notification rules matching the judgment action that was used?

not that I’m aware of. Where would I look for this?

there’s a setting for it on the main cfa management page. by default cfa doesn’t send any notification emails - you need to configure those explicitly.

sorry for being stupid, but where do i find the cfa management page? I see nothing appropriate on the main administration page.

This is an event-level setting:

Thanks. That was the problem. The user is very happy. Thanks for your fast response and enjoy the holidays.