"Today" as first day shown in conference view

When an event like a conference spans several days or weeks it is very annoying that the event is displayed from the very beginning.
It would be very nice if one can set to show events for example:

  • omitting past days altogether (and giving a “past events” link like in the listing of categories
  • showing today (or another date set by the admin) as first timetable shown as default

I have not found any way to set the display of the timetable in this way, did I miss it?
This would be applicable to all views, but in particular to the Compact and Indico styles.
Thanks for reading,

Having a way to “collapse” past days seems like a very interesting thing to have. Feel free to open an issue. As usual, if someone wants to work on it, PRs are welcome.

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Thanks for picking this up. So, it is confirmed that this feature is currently not available. Unfortunately I am not in position to contribute code to such a complex project. Hopefully this will attract some capable developer attention!