Timetable detailed view and contributions

is there a way to display start and end time of single contributions in the timetable detailed view without having to click on the contribution itself?

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Which indico version are you running? In 3.2.5 ( and is been so for some time), in ‘Detailed View’ mode the time range is displayed. On long contributions, it is displayed at the bottom of the entry.

The current version of Indico is 3.2.3.

Ok, I notice that if I don’t set Detailed view by default on Layout settings, if I click on Detailed view on the timetable, I don’t see start time and end time of the contributions, but if then I click on Full screen I see all.

Instead, if I set Detailed view by default, I can see the start and end time on the contributions, but these are not shown for blocks without contributions (i.e. “Registration” or “Welcome” blocks).

I can reproduce your problem. It is a rendering problem, as the times are contained in the html, but not visible if other content takes up too much space ( you see the times on longer contributions, but possibly not on shorter ones.

Corresponding html:

<div class="timetableBlock timetableContribution"
    style="position: absolute; top: 120px; height: 48px; background-color: rgb(239, 235, 194); color: rgb(32, 32, 32); left: 55px; width: 647px;">
    <div class="entry-content" data-hasqtip="3576" aria-describedby="qtip-3576" style="width: 100%; height: 100%;">
        <div class="timetableBlockWrapper">
            <div class="timetableBlockPresenters">Dr Bjoern Pedersen</div>
            <div class="timetableBlockTitle">c3</div>
        <div class="timetableBlockWrapper" style="margin-top: auto;">
            <div class="timetableBlockVC" data-qtip-oldtitle=" ">
                <div class="event-service-toolbar vc-toolbar toolbar right">
                    <div class="group">
                        <a class="i-button highlight i-button-small event-service-right-button join-button" title=""
                            href="http://localhost:8001/{contrib}" target="_blank"> Join </a>
        <div class="timetableBlockWrapper" style="margin-top: auto; white-space: nowrap;">
            <div class="timetableBlockLocation">online only, MLZ</div>
            <div class="timetableBlockTime">11:00 - 11:20</div>

If not all block wrappers fit in the available (vertical) space, they are hidden. So e.g. a long location may also trigger this.

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Björn, thank you for reproducing the problem and for the answer.

At some point I also suspected it was something related to the rendering when there are a lot of blocks.
Anyway, no problem, it’s ok!

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