Thoughts about link handling

During the migration of our indico instance I found general problem with the way how links are handled in indico. During this migration we moved from a subdirectory path on one domain (http://<host1>/indico) to a
dedicated host (http://<host2>/>).

As all links where stored as full absolute URLs, this required a search-and-replace on the database plus some manual intervention.
From other systems (TYPO3 in this case) I know that they store links to internal objects (e.g. images) as special tags () from CKEditor, and expand it to suitable URIs at rendering time.

Would something similar be useful for Indico?

IMO the best solution is to setup 301 redirects on the webserver level to fix old URLs. Search engines may have them indexed anyway, so just changing the URLs inside Indico won’t help there.

And at least in our case internal links between Indico events aren’t that common…

It’s not so much about links between events, the main number of links was for images used in subpages of an event.

Ah, that makes more sense. Not sure how well special syntax would integrate with the CKEditor though… in any case, it seems like lots of work for little benefit (assuming webserver-level redirect are in place).

I think we should definitely re-discuss this in the context of a change of editor. I don’t think it’s worth investing anything in CKEditor 4 code, as 5 is around the corner.