The best way to migrate from 2.3.5 to dockerized version 3.1

we have a 2.3.5 on prod and we would like to use the dockerized version.
How can I migrate the database?
Which step I need to do in order to finally use the 3.1?
use the 2.3.5 image, copy the db and then use the 3.1 for example? The migration scripts will be run automatically when I run “docker-compose up” or I need to run them manually as I did for our current production VM?
Alberto Nardella

You simply run the 3.1.1 image and execute indico db upgrade in there to perform the database upgrades.

I don’t think we automatically do that in the docker image…

OK, I will try it s soon as possible

it works.
I just needed to enter in the indico-web container and then run the command from /opt/indico/.venv/bin
after dropping the database and restored it with a dump form our prod one. Remember to stop all the other containers because the drop command will not work due to open connections
Thank you

for migration fo data you jsut import the database and tranfser the arcive folder. Of course you must check your indico configation indico.conf and customedits are compatible with 3.1. Aside from that the data migration is done in not more than 10 minutes.