Symbolic link pointing to an event in a different Indico instance?


When organizing a conference of a workshop for a collaboration in a laboratory, there is often the dilemma of which Indico instance to choose.

  • Either the collaboration Indico, where all meetings should be listed but to which some of the LOC members may not have access, and/or which may have less integrated services (room booking, Zoom, etc.) than the laboratory Indico.

  • Or the laboratory Indico, which has everything ready to setup the event and to which all the relevant lab teams have full access, but which is independent from the collaboration Indico.

I would be curious to know what solutions people could suggest / have tried, but I wonder whether some “symbolic links” could be implemented in Indico. I mean a collaboration Indico entry / URL which wouldn’t look different from a regular Indico event but which would immediately redirect to the laboratory Indico event when clicking on it. At the moment one can do that by 1) creating an empty event in the collaboration Indico; 2) opening the document editor of the event header; 3) adding a link to the laboratory Indico event there. But it would be great (and much simpler to follow for the users) to have an immediate redirection, without the need to navigate through an intermediate event page.

There’s no feature for it atm, but yes, we want to add symlink-like functionality at some point: