Suspected Badge/Ticket bug

Hello everyone,

I have encountered what I believe to be a bug in the custom template badge system.
I have created a Badge template (A7), but when I try to export it from the list of registrants, it only appears as a Ticket template, not a Badge template. This is particularly bad because the ticket format doesn’t allow A7.

Or did I miss something?

A template is a “ticket” when it has the QR code field, and otherwise it’s a “badge”.

Anyway, I don’t think we have A7 regardless of the type. You’ll have to enter the dimensions manually.

Oh I see, thank you!

It is a bit counter-intuitive though. I did not realise my badge template was considered a ticket in such case, esp since it still appears as a badge in the customisation tab.

It would have been useful to have the QR code on participant’s card, but I guess we’ll do without.

I can confirm A7 appears as one of the template formats though: