Support CentOS 8 / Alma Linux


will the developers official support centos 8 or alman linux for the future (+apache also) ? My company will use both as default linux server os. Before i upgrade to 3.X i need to verify it because else i will ask for a debian system for the upgrade.

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I think asking for a debian system will be easier for you. Especially since CentOS 8 (unless you mean centos stream 8) is already EOL…

sry i mean centos stream 8

Last time I checked there were no official Postgres packages, so providing docs for CS8 would have required even more branching in the docs. However, I think any experienced Linux admin should not have any difficulties adapting our CentOS7 setup guide to a newer system.

yeah but what about next year ? If you don´t focus / give support for redhat based os in the future i will switch to debian. i have enough experince but don´t have time to fix (packages) problems every time and focus on indico as my main project.

At CERN we use RPM-based systems; currently that’s CentOS 7 (since the EOL is only in 2024), not sure where we will go from there - might be CS9 or CS10, we’ll have to see.

Considering that RHEL/C/CS 9 is probably going to be released soon, I think it doesn’t make much sense for us to add something for version 8 - but I think officially supporting version 9 should be very reasonable.

That said, if you install/upgrade now, go for Debian, especially if your organization supports both systems anyway.