Superscript and subscript buttons on the abstract submission formatting toolbar?


As mentioned before I am setting up an abstract submission in Indico for a conference and doing some testing with users.

One of the feedback was that it would be ideal if the formatting toolbar could offer buttons to insert superscripts and subscripts. As the conference is going to involve a good number of structural biologists and chemists, it will be very useful to have these buttons present on the toolbar.

I realized that Markdown-style superscript/subscripts (using <sup></sup> and <sub></sub>) are supported, just wondering if there is a more “click” orientated way of putting them in. I am even happy to have a go at putting the buttons in if some tips can be provided on which files need to be changed.


Hey Ying,

first off, I need to apologize for such a late reply. As to the problem, our editor is based on the pagedown editor which doesn’t provide what you need out of the box.
I am not sure how extensible this editor is but as far as I checked this would actually require some work since the library doesn’t provide a way to extend the editor with custom buttons.


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