Specific provider - User's cannot login with our local LDAP

First, i installed LDAP - pip install python-ldap then i added this below configuration in indico.conf. Somehow, i can’t log in indico by authenticating with our Active directory:

# Authentication


_ldap_config = {
    'uri': 'ldaps:xxxxxx:3269',
    'bind_password': 'XXXXX',
    'timeout': 30,
    'useTLS': True,
    'verify_cert': False,
    'starttls': False,
    'page_size': 1000,

    'uid': 'cn',
    'user_base': 'DC=XXXXX,DC=XXXXX,DC=XXXXX',
    'user_filter': '(mail=*)',

    'gid': 'cn',
    'group_base': 'DC=XXXXX,DC=XXXXX,DC=XXXXX',
    'group_filter': '(objectCategory=group)',
    'member_of_attr': 'memberOf',
    'ad_group_style': False,

AuthProviders = {
    'ldap': {
        'type': 'ldap',
        'title': 'Our org LDAP',
        'ldap': _ldap_config,
        'default': True

IdentityProviders = {
    'ldap': {
        'type': 'ldap',
        'title': 'Our org',
        'ldap': _ldap_config,
        'mapping': {
            'first_name': 'givenName',
            'last_name': 'sn',
            'email': 'mail',
            'affiliation': 'company',
        'trusted_email': True,
        'default_group_provider': True,
        'synced_fields': {'first_name', 'last_name', 'affiliation'}

Did you forget about PROVIDER_MAP setting?

Apparently the PROVIDER_MAP shouldn’t be necessary here. Are you sure you LDAP config is correct?

I’m sure the setting that match our Active Directory but not sure if everything else missing regrading indico authentication with AD is correct. Is there any change that i need to do. I just followed the installation instruction provided by indico

It is quite hard to find the culprit without more details. Don’t you see any error message after clicking Login with ...?

I’m sorry that i have not provided detail information. I just want to ensure that the config file is correct. However, i found out that that firewall is blocking port 3269 from indico server to our ldap . Indico resides public VPC at AWS and our LDAP is in an internal network. I request port changes and hoping this will solve the issue as long as the config file is correct

The main error it could not find a user which makes since the user is not local users. I will test again once the firewall team opens port 3269 and post result. Thank you