Specific needs for workshops - GDPR and registration form

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First of all, I am sorry if the questions have already been asked, but I did not find the expected answers anywhere.

We are using Indico 3.2.2 on our side, and we would need two specific features while organising workshops.

First of all, we would like to be able to provide two specific registration forms, one for the participants, and one for the speakers (we usually need some specific information for the latter, that we don’t need for the former).

I have got a second question, is it possible to configure the visibility of each page of the indico. In our case, we might want, for some workshops/meetings to “hide” the program part because it contains some sensible information (from the talks). However, we still want the main page to remain public.

Are these two features available?
If yes, are they available with v3.2.2 (which we are currently using)? If no, to which (minimal) version do we have to move to get these 2 features?
If yes, where can I have the procedure, recipe to achieve these?

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Yes, you can create as many registration forms as you want. In case of speaker registration you could even keep it private and only invite your speakers to register to avoid regular participants accidentally using that one.

You can restrict a “custom page” (the ones you create in the menu management area) to be accessible only by speakers or registered participants. We currently do not have an ACL beyond that.

Thanks for your quick response!

For the first point, where can I find the way to make several registration forms? I did not manage to do it. How can I make sure the right form will be open to the right people, according their own status (classic registrants, speakers, organisers, …)?

For my second point, only “custom” pages can be restricted… So we have to think to another solution to achieve what we need.


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You can’t, unless your participants are smart enough to choose the right one OR you just open only one and invite people to register in the other ones directly.

Click on “Registration” in the management menu, you can then create another registration form there.

If the sensitive part is only in uploaded material, not in the abstract body, then you can restrict access there as well.