Space is not working

Hello together,

I am editing some E-Mails so that i am deciding with if statements between languages.
But when i am adding spaces into some brackets where only one word is surrounded by spaces the spaces are deleted in the E-Mails. Can I do something against that.


Most likely there’s a {... -%} or {%- ...} on either side - the - there strips all whitespace on that side.

That would help me but i am in the subject part so I get an error if I delete those because a subject can´t contain linebreaks. Is there a way to bypass that problem?

Sharing the actual code you have would be a good start :wink: It makes helping people much easier…

Sry for sure grafik
Where the underlines are should a space be.

Using {{ ' ' }} to make an explicit space not affected by the space stripping would probably be the easiest solution here.

PS: Next time post code as text please, not as an image :wink: A triple-backtick fence will format it as monospace/code here.

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Okay thank you for your help and I will do that the next time :wink: