[Solved] Install indico on subdomain

I have installed indico in /opt/indico
I want to access it on indico.mysite.eu, mysite it’s in /var/www/mysite folder. I set the indico url in the setup wizard, but I think I need to make some changes to apache2/mysite.conf. Thankyou

You just have to set the correct ServerName in the <VirtualHost> block used for indico… Search for YOURHOSTNAME in the install guide.

I didnt made the indico. conf files because I have mysite.conf. Instead of YOURHOSTNAME in mysite.conf I have https://www.mysite.eu

Then you need to adapt whatever config you put the indico-related apache config in… Also, you can most likely have indico.conf next to mysite.conf since they should be using different ServerNames anyway.

My question is if in indico.conf, I need to put https://indico.mysite.eu for hostname

if that’s where you are running indico then yes.

I let the indico.conf and changed the hsotname to indico.mysite.eu It worked, thankyou