Slideshow of the venue photos

Dear All,

Is it possible to add a slideshow of the venue photos to confernce page.

Many thanks for the help and ideas.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to add an HTML slideshow to an Indico page?

There is nothing out-of-the-box available.

I did use the following indico shell script to generate a slideshow-like gallery (it reuses the indico image folder js):

e=Event.get( <your event id>)
images = ImageFile.query.with_parent(e).all()
from indico.web.flask.util import url_for
tmpl='''<li><a href="%s" class="js-lightbox"><img src="%s" alt="Copyright: ..."></a></li>'''
m=e.menu_entries.filter_by(title='Image gallery').first()

assert (<id of the pre-generated gallery menu page>)

pre='<div><p>When using the pictures, please mention the Copyright:....</p></div><div class="image-container"><ul class="image-list">'
full = pre
for i in images:
   # all images should be uploaded to the event beforehand
# adjust the filter to match your gallery images
    if i.filename.startswith('IMG_'): 
        url= url_for('event_images.image_display', i)
        full+=  tmpl%(url,url)
full += post

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