Skipping plugin 'vc_zoom' (no migrations folder)

Hi, I’m setting up a fresh installation of Indico 3 to replace Indico 2. After installing the Zoom plugin 3.2.1 and restoring a dump of the old database, I ran “indico db upgrade” and “indico db --all-plugins upgrade”. The “indico db --all-plugins upgrade” gave a message “skipping plugin ‘vc_zoom’ (no migrations folder)”. Is there something I need to do on the old or new server, like creating some migrations folder? Thank you.

That’s perfectly normal, the Zoom plugin doesn’t have any custom database tables so there is nothing to be done - which is exactly what that message tells you.

FWIW, indico db --all-plugins upgrade simply goes over all plugins that are enabled and in case one of them has database changes those would be applied.

Thank you for the information.