Site / Room on an event

I enabled room booking and google maps. How to I get a “clickeable” location icon on the event page to show the map (not just the location)

This is an undocumented feature, since it does not work using just Indico functionality. A Location can have a map_url_template (settable only via indico shell, not through the admin UI).

If this is set, the building, floor and room number of the selected room are interpolated in the string to generate the room’s map URL.

However, of course google maps has no way to use this data in any meaningful way. At CERN we link to your own map service for example which does know how to handle these rooms - but if you want to use this functionality you’d need some separate webservice that can either show a map with your rooms or redirect e.g. to google maps zoomed to the location of a particular room.