Server with Indico pre-installed


I am planning a big (around 800/1000 submissions) international conference on education in the contemporary age.
In these times of privatization of education, we would like to use free and open source software for its management. We would very much like to use Indico with Vidyo.
Unfortunately, there is no way to install it on the shared server we use. Also, I have limited knowledge of Linux and would not be comfortable managing a dedicated/cloud server on which to install Indico.
So here is my question. Does anyone know of a server with Indico pre-installed that can host the conference?

Thank you!

Recently we discovered this company providing an Indico hosting service. We do not know anything about their quality though.

No idea how easily you can use Vidyo; at least at CERN it needs quite a big of local infrastructure, but if Vidyo has a cloud service then using it with the Indico Vidyo plugin might work.