Sending Mail during the reviewing process

Hi there,

we use indico the first time for organizing our conference and have just started the reviewing process for the papers.
I deselect all checkboxes in the notification setting for the call for papers.
However, when I just took a look into the logs, i could see that for a comment a reviewer submit 4 e-mails were send. One to the other reviewer, one to the submitter (but the visibillity of the comment is set to judges and reviewers only) and to other persons I don’t know, why they get this information, because they have no relation to the paper.
Can anybody help me and tell me:

  • if the e-mail realy are send, if they are in the logs? Or can I see them in the logs, but they are not send.
  • Why does the author of the paper gets an e-mail, if he should not see the comment?
  • Why are there e-mails to people, which hace no relations to the paper?

Best wishes,