Sender e-mail problem

I have a problem in the Indico (v. 2.1.)
The indico.conf file is set to “NO_REPLY_EMAIL = ‘’”.
E-mail with registration confirmation Indico wants to send -> from =noreply-root@localhost (local smtp logs), and such emails can not be sent to the recipient.
E-mail with reset Indico password is OK, Indico sends ->

What can I do to remove this problem ?
Any help would be greatly appreciated


That sounds very weird. Did you have noreply-root@localhost configured for any of the emails? If yes, did you restart uwsgi and celery after changing it?


E-mail settings (indico.conf)

Strange… we don’t have such an address hardcoded anywhere so the only reasons I can see why this would happen is:

  • misconfigured mail server
  • wrong config file - you can run indico shell and look at the value of config.CONFIG_PATH to see which one is being used

smtp daemon receiving e-mails from indico and sending them does not change the FROM field in the message.

$ su - indico
$ set | grep -i config
no variable containing string “config”

The last e-mail with the correct FROM field (with registration confirmation) was sent on 2018-05-21.Then there were no emails (with registration confirmation) because there was no conference until 2018-07-13.Between these dates was the update of indico to version 2.1
Is it possible that there is a problem with the new version ?

You need to run indico shell to get the python shell where you can look at the config value… this is not a shell variable.

Wait… which registration confirmation are we talking about? Indico account or conference registration? If it’s the latter, it uses the email address configured for that particular registration from in the event. So maybe a wrong one is set in there?

This is about confirmation of conference registration.
I checked the settings --> https://indico-url-address/event/nn/manage/ ; Settings --> Additional info --> Email.
Four valid e-mail addresses are entered here.
Is this setting ?

It’s in the general settings of the registration form, i.e.:


I found - a field Notification sender address,.
Here it was entered -> noreply-root@localhost.
I changed to the correct one.
Thank you very much for your help. :slight_smile:
I’m learning how to use and support/administration Indico if something does not work.

I have a similar problem. When people register for my meeting no email confirmation is sent to them. It is for only one of my events. All the rest have email notifications. I checked the Notification Sender address and the email seems fine. What am I doing wrong?