Send email notification after user creation by admin


I’m running a conference now. I want to create Indico accounts for all the committee members beforehand. Is there any way to make Indico send an email to the created account telling them that their account has been created by admin and asking them to log in and set their password and profile?


No. However, if you add them to your event with the correct email address, the “participant roles” view has a button to invite them to create Indico accounts. This will contain a special link so they do not have to verify their email address again.

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Thank you @ThiefMaster. Let me try that.

Hi @ThiefMaster, when you said adding the user to the event, did you mean I should register that user through the registration form of my event? Is there any other way to add them to the event? Thanks.

No, this has nothing to do with registration forms. If they are speakers, add them as speakers. Afterwards they will show up in the “Participant roles” page where you can invite them to create indico accounts.

Hi @ThiefMaster, I have tried as your suggestion by:

  • Creating a dummy contribution
  • Add authors to that dummy contribution
  • Send invitation to all users with No Account in Participants Roles
    Everything is working fine.

However, I wonder if there are any way to bulk adding the users and adding users with only email, without First name and Last name. I guess the bulk adding user might be in the Indico Shell, but I don’t really know how.


Any reason against just sending an email to your commitee members to create Indico accounts? Honestly that’s the easiest solution…

And when you connect to a centralized user database (e.g. LDAP), then you are able to search users from there - so in the most common case where one might want to bulk-import users there’s already a better solution!

Hi, my problem is that the sending of the verification email is quite slow. Sometimes it takes 20 - 30 minutes for the email to arrive. I know that the email address is correct, so any way to bypass the email verification will also work for me.

That sounds like something you should fix on your mail server’s side first… :wink:

Check indico.log / celery.log to confirm that the email is properly sent to the mail server, and then the mail server’s logs (if you have access) to see what’s causing the delay.