Select different Workshops in conference

Hi everyone,

is it possible to offer a workshop selection to allow visitors to choose from multiple workshops on the same day?

We would like to offer the following:
There will be an event that will run throughout the day. Within three sessions, namely morning, afternoon, and evening, participants can choose three workshops each from a selection of, for example, 10 different workshops. Participants can sign up for their preferred workshops. So, by the end, a visitor will have three workshops in the morning, three workshops in the afternoon, and three workshops in the evening. However, there could be fewer workshops chosen as well.

After that, we want to print a Ticket, where these Workshops and information like Roomnumber and Time are displayed.

Is it possible to implement something like this with indico? If so, how?


It is currently not possible to include data from custom registration fields in ticket templates. We have a long-standing issue about it, unfortunately no ETA on that one:

As for limiting the number of workshops chosen, we have a multi-choice field but it does not currently allow setting a maximum number of choices (but we have a PR for that already). As a workaround, you could either have one multi-choice field for each session and specify in the title/description that only 3 options can be chosen (you’ll have to trust the participants or make it moderated and check them manually). Otherwise, 3 individual single-choice fields for each session could also work.