Running Redis on docker and indico on window

Sorry this might be a duplicate question but can i run redis on docker and run indico on windows?

Yes for running redis in a docker container. Just configure the correct ports and hostnames.
Running indico itself on windows is not offically supported and e.g. the latex-pdf generation will be broken or at least hard to configure.

Yes, thanks sir, do you have any solution?

Depends on what you are doing…

  • Production: Windows is not supported, period. Sure, you CAN try to work around it. But it will require some effort, and we will not provide any support on this. You will be on your own with an unsupported setup. If you really do not have any Linux servers, use a VM running a supported Linux distribution. Last time I checked there were production-grade virtualization options (Hyper-V) on Windows. It will probably require some extra setup on the Windows host to proxy requests to the VM for which we cannot help you since none of us works with Windows servers…
  • Development: You can simply run a VM, or try using WSL. Nowadays things like VSCode’s remote editing make this a pretty seemless experience.

Thank you very much!