Rotate indico.log and celery.log


Where can I find the documentation on clean up/rotate those logs in indico? Thank you.


That’s kind of outside the scope of Indico itself, but standard tools like logrotate do the job fine for us; just make sure to reload uwsgi afterwards so the log files get reopened.

Ok…no problem. I thought Indico has something that does it. Thanks.


I am using logrotate to rotate Indico logs and I am reloading indico-uwgsi afterwards (postrotate script) as suggested by you (@ThiefMaster). I noticed that the new logfile is not used for these handlers: indico.emails, indico.rb, indico. Other handlers are using the new logfile. What other service do I need to restart after rotation so these handlers will also use the new file?

As an alternative I could use copytruncate option of logrotate. But manpage says that some logging data might get lost then.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

If you provided specific log entries instead of just handler names I could give you an more reliable answer :wink: - depending on what’s getting logged it may either be from celery or uwsgi.

In any case, there’s a good chance that the logs in questions are coming from celery, so you need to restart this as well.

FWIW, this is what we have in our logrotate config:

/opt/indico/log/indico.log /opt/indico/log/celery.log /opt/indico/log/other.log {
        create 0644 indico indico
        olddir old
        rotate 400

                systemctl reload indico-uwsgi || true
                systemctl try-restart indico-celery || true