Room booking notification emails

I have a question about the possibility of adding multiple notification emails for a room at one time from UI or from indico shell.


It’s not very clear what exactly you are asking for… Notifications about what? A room being booked?

Yes, notifications about a room being booked. I need to add multiple emails for multiple rooms at one.

Works fine for me… and when booking that room the notification was indeed sent to all those emails.


Thanks for your quick reply @ThiefMaster.
My question is about how to bulk add emails to the room notification field for many rooms. we need to add 20 emails to around 60 rooms. Also, in the future, we will modify the notification emails for the existing rooms. if there a way to use API or indico shell it will be great!.


Is this possible on the current version of indico?

Yes sure, you can do it via indico shell. Query the rooms and update the notification_emails attribute (a list of emails).

For example:

for room in Room.query.filter([1, 2, 3, 4, 5])):
    room.notification_emails = ['', '']

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Thanks!. This what I need.