Room booking: disable mail to room owner?

After a couple of months of production with the new room booking, the main complaint is from room owners. They find that they receive too many emails about the reservation of their rooms, even if they are not subject to confirmation (pre-reservation). Is there a way to disable these notifications and keep only the message related about room pre-reservation validations? I didn’t find it.


In your user preferences you can opt out from room emails (if you are managing any rooms - otherwise the settings are hidden):


But it does not allow you to opt out from specific emails… I think being able to specify which notifications to send could be very useful, but not sure what’s the best way to do it…

  • globally? (selecting which types of notifications are sent)
  • per room? (selecting which types of notifications are sent)
  • per user? (selecting which types of room notifications you want to get)
  • per user per room? (that’d require more complex UI though and is probably not really useful)

Thanks. I remember I saw it before but forgot it was in the user preferences. Should be a good start. But I’m surprised that if you blacklist a room, you don’t receive anymore the message about pre-reservation validation… Without doing a fine graine selection, I’ve the feeling that requests should not be filtered out as opposed to information.


You are right, we mainly added these blacklist options because at CERN all ‘space managers’ have management permissions on their departments’ rooms so they can modify it if needed, but at the same time they have nothing to do with the day-to-day operation of the room (ie approving bookings etc.) and thus don’t need/want those emails.

From your previous answer, I thought you could select which room you wanted to blacklist one a per room basis where it seems it is for all rooms in one category of room. Am I right? Did I miss something?

yes, just not which types of notifications to (not) get

I’m feeling stupid… but I don’t see how to select one or several room to blacklist among all those belonging to one room category…


It doesn’t group by location - it’s simply a list of rooms from which you can select those for which to mute notifications…

When I was saying “room category”, I was referring to “rooms I own”, “rooms I manage”… I feel really stupid but I don’t see how to edit this list and remove some of the rooms. I’m running the last version AFAIK.


The second list is a normal multiselect, so you can just use ctrl+click to select/deselect single items

Sorry, I really don’t understand how it is supposed to work. Here is what I have:


How am I supposed to remove some rooms from this list: I really don’t understand. I can only save this list which is not affected by any change in the “Room notifications” drop-down menu. I can select or multi-select a room but I don’t see how to specify something specific for the selected rooms.


Are you a manager/owner of those rooms? If yes, they show up in that list. The only way to get rid of them is to not be a manager/owner of them anymore.

Do you just not want to get any emails for those rooms? In that case, simply select them in the list.

And like I said, currently it is not possible to configure specific notifications

Ok, I think I understood… The dialog seems very misleading as it seems to say that it is the list of rooms that are blacklisted. But in fact it is not enough to be in the list for a room to be blacklisted: the room needs to be in a selected state. Am I right?


Right, any room you select there gets blacklisted.