Room booking 2.2: tileserver URL format


I’m trying to configure the tileserver in the new room booking. I successfully built one from indico_maps repository but when I enter the URL in the room booking parameters, it complains that substitution parameters ‘{x}, {y}, {z}’ are missing. What is the exact syntax to specify them and what are they corresponding too? I didn’t find any documentation on them…

Thanks in advance for any help.


In our case it’s{z}/{x}/{y}.png so most likely you can just replace the host with your own (and possibly replace cern with whatever name your theme has).

I still fail to get the map displayed. What worries me is that I don’t see any request received by the tile server when asking the list of rooms despite the tile server seems to work fine when queried directly with a brower (I see all requests whether they are for a valid or invalid URL). Did I miss something?

To start, I’m using the CERN map so I don’t expect any useful information to be displayed but I had expected at least to see a request to the tile server. Am I wrong? Is there some sort of mapping of the room coordinates and the map coordinates?

Also, you mentioned https in your URL but the tile server resulting from the Docker file seems to have only http enabled…


Usually you terminate TLS outside the docker container (or in a separate container running nginx, haproxy, etc) so TLS is outside the scope of the container running the tile server.

If the map doesn’t even show up, it sounds like you might not have configured any Map Areas - we don’t show the map if there are no areas defined.

You are right, I don’t have any map area defined. How ma I supposed to do it? (nothing found in the documentation).


There should be a menu item with that name (we only show it once a tileserver url is configured) in the RB admin area.

Thanks! It is typically the kind of change easy to miss if you are not expecting it! It would be good to have a note about the need to configure the map area in the tileserver URL field description for example. Or some kind of warning if a URL is added but no map area is defined…


We should definitely document this better. The admin options for the RB module are clearly under-documented.

Usual message to people out there willing to contribute, PRs are welcome :wink:

I’m progressing. If I use the CERN map, it displays properly (but the rooms are not marked as they are outside). If I use the LAL map I generated after tweaking the tile server configuration, I dont see anything until I click “zoom out to include all listed rooms” (button at the bottom-right corner of the map area) which led me to think I have a default zoom factor wrong or something like that.

It is also unclear to me what is the rectangle that we are suppose to draw in the map area…


@pferreir once I have something running, I’ll try to contribute something. What is the repository to use?

The rectangle you draw is the area that will be shown on the map (either by default or when selecting the map area in case there’s more than one)

Problem found: I was to quick creating the map area and forgot to update the default GPS coordinates associated with it. Works just fine!