Room Blocking - any notification to existing bookings

Hi, I have tested blocking rooms that have existing bookings and as far as I can tell Indico does not notify existing bookings that the room has become blocked. Also the blocker is not informed that there are conflicting bookings.

Is notification included in future versions?

Thank you,


When the room owner accepts a blocking request for their room, all conflicting bookings are automatically rejected.

Sorry that it has take me a while to respond, but I did not see any automatic rejecting of existing bookings when I blocked a room with existing bookings or when I added a new Nonbookable Period to a room that had existing bookings in that perios. Nothing happened to existing bookings in our instance. See attached image of Nonbookable Period containing existing bookings.

Nonbookable periods do not affect existing bookings.

Blockings should affect them though unless the blocking request for the room is still pending or the creator is authorized to book regardless of the blocking.

Thanks, that makes sense.