Room Availability API

I am wondering if it is possible to get room availability get API outside indico by another application.
like using tthe /rooms/api/rooms/17/availability api.

Any suggestions.


There’s no official API for this but nothing stop you from using the APIs used by the room booking UI - simply use your browser’s developer tools to see what API calls Indico makes on the pages that show the information you are looking for.

Thanks, I need to use this API(room booking UI ) to let an external application get room availability to show it in time slots way, then let the user select a time slot to reserve the room.
@ThiefMaster is it possible to use those APIs by external application?

Hi! Yes it is. You just need to create a personal API key in your user settings giving access to everything and then use the token for every http call you want (with request header key Authorization and value Bearer <Token>, if I’m not mistaken). It doesn’t need to be a strict API method, any request that work on the browser will do.

Exactly. As long as you enable the “Everything” scopes for the token, you can make a call to any Indico endpoint: Accessing the API — Indico 3.0.2 documentation