Review area not appearing for reviewers, conveners or event managers

Dear all,

With a conference event with the call for abstracts module activated I cannot get the abstract review area to appear for any managers, abstract reviewers or conveners. Abstracts have been submitted and they can be judged in the event management area by an event manager.

I have users that have been given roles of convener and reviewer for all tracks and in the menu customization the review area is set to “show”. However, in the conference display page the review area for abstracts does not appear for reviewers, managers nor convenors. If, however, I activate the call for papers module, the review area does appear for papers, for at least the event manager.

This is on my instance of indico (v2.0) but I was able to also recreate this issue in the Indico demo sandbox, so I think I must be missing something simple?

Do you have any tracks? Reviewing is only available if there are tracks. In 2.1 we will show a message clearly indicating this in the dialog to setup reviewing roles.

If you do not use tracks, you can only do judging, but without a reviewing step before the final judgment.

This makes sense. I have added a track with roles and I see it now. Thank you!