Restrict/Read Only for visitors + Disallow account creation


Two questions :

  1. I want to use Indic for my association which makes workshops for his members. So I want visitors can view chat we do but can’t create any event. Is this possible ?

  2. I use an LDAP authentification. Is it possible to deactivate the account creation in login page ?

Thanks for your work !

  1. Yes, just set event creation to be restricted in your categories (note: this is not inherited so you need to set it on all your categories!). By default only category managers can create events then (including managers of parent categories), but you can allow other users/groups as well.

  2. LOCAL_REGISTRATION = False in the config, possibly LOCAL_IDENTITIES = False as well (to completely disable local accounts)

Thanks I will try :wink:

Does this informations available somewhere ? I tried to search but found nothing on officiel documentation (but maybe I’m blind … xD)


You have the installation guided pointed out by @ThiefMaster here:

And user docs that can be useful to set category/event permissions: