Restrict materials access



I have an event that is public to all but I want to have a restriction on the material access. It is possible to have an access key for the material? I really missed that feature in the old indico. Thank you.




Yes, that is possible. You can set per-folder protection on materials, so just put the protected content in an appropriate sub-folder.



One miore hint: You cannot set an access key, you need to assign accounts.


Hi, Thank you for your help. I tried and both hints needs a registered indico account. I don’t want that since the talk is for everyone while the material is restricted. Can we have that feature back and have the administrator turn it off or on? Thank you.




I think I found a solution by create an account and use that account for common access like a access key. Thank you.



Generally I think that shared accounts are a bad idea (no accountability and somewhat messy for people who have their own account as they’d need to change accounts in some cases), but if these drawbacks are acceptable for you great!