Resending Abstract Acceptance Notification to All Authors

Hello everyone,

Due to technical issues, the initial acceptance notification email for abstracts may not have reached all authors. We are exploring the possibility of resending the notification to ensure everyone is informed about their abstract status.

If you have any suggestions or advice on how we can proceed with resending the acceptance notification, please share with us.

Thank you for your support!

Undoing judgment and then judging the abstracts again would be an option. But it’s somewhat manual (there’s no bulk undo) and thus likely to be too much work if there are more than a handful of abstracts.

Or go to he list of abstracts and contact people from there. You won’t have all the metadata like in which track an abstract has been submitted, but it’s the fastest way.

Another option would be using indico shell:

from import send_abstract_notifications
event = E(YOUR_EVENT_ID)
for abstract in event.abstracts:
    if abstract.state == 3:

This triggers the original abstract notifications again for all accepted (state == 3) abstracts, so you’d get exactly the same emails that would have been sent when accepting these abstracts.

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One further option is to just send a generic email to all authors from the abstracts list and informing the authors that the status can now be checked on the indico page. This is especially useful if you don’t know which emails were received as you then avoid duplicate emails.

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