Resend some emails

For some reason (nothing to do with indico) the smtp server of the indico vm are kaput. One of my user (manager of a event) send a lots of email during those time the smtp server was down. In the webui the manager can see those email are in error.
But he don’t have the possibility to resend those email.
Is they are any way the admin could do that ? I don´t want resend «every» email who was in error because some other admin already done it. So «just» for this event.


Check the log file (grep for “Could not send email”) :slight_smile: Indico retries up to 10 (i think) times to send an email, and then stops. But the failed email gets saved to disk and there’s a CLI command to retry sending them:

indico resend-email /opt/indico/tmp/failed-email-*

The files get deleted after successfully sending the emails, so there’s no risk of duplicating emails.

Well…the user warn me after … 4 days…so it’s already gone. I can see in the indico.log a lot of line like

2023-05-04 04:00:01,577  INFO     0000000000000000  -       indico                    Deleted from temp: failed-email-2023-05-02-0l41b19f
2023-05-04 04:00:01,578  INFO     0000000000000000  -       indico                    Deleted from temp: failed-email-2023-05-02-1jq9kabe

So I’m guessing it’s f***k… :wink:
I was hoping they are «something» in the database.

Thanks anyway.


NB: Just notice they are some strange bug : Inside the webui in the logs section if we click on some “Email Error” the popup cut the text in the width direction. So the user are unable to copy/paste the former email.

Yep those files are gone…

The corresponding EventLogEntry objects store the most important information about the email, so you could get that data and create+send new emails via indico shell…

Thanks…well…way over my capabilities.

But that’s ok, I will tell the user I’m sorry (I’m indeed) and I’m unable to get those email (true also :frowning: )