Reminder mail will not send


i have a problem to send reminder mails with Indico.
We use as SMTP an Exchange Server, and normal mails were sent.
When i setup a reminder, there is my user and mail setup as sender. But my User or any other user is not allowed to send as this service user(which i configure in indico.conf). I know that is a normal bevahiour.
But what can i do? In my opinion, the best way is to set a general email address to send this reminder. Or is there another way?

I try some configurations, like SMT_ALLOWED_SENDERS and SMTP_SENDER_FALLBACK, but it doesnt work.

Kind Regards

Ideally you configure the user used by Indico to send emails to be allowed to use any sender address. There is currently no option to fully “lock” the from address for all emails sent by Indico.