Registration - Paiement

I created an event, several people registered and chose to pay by paypal.
We have received their payments but the payment is not validated in Indico. How can this be done? Is it still up to me to check?

Can you (or your admin if you do not have shell access to the server) check /opt/indico/log/indico.log on the server if there’s any error regarding the payment notification from PayPal?

All parameters are green, we have already checked. Payments do not go through completed.

Check the log for any requests containing /ipn - that’s the request from PayPal for the payment notification…

@Nicolas_Labrude, si ca te dit quelque chose pourrais tu regarder ?

Hello, we have lots of lines with “/inp” in this logfile. It is notified like “Info” et no “Error”. The Paypal acount was not correctly configured, I gonna change this and go back after receive paiement.