Registration page configuration always blank

When i try to configure a registration page it is always blank with the only option of ‘Back’.

reading another post i have edited the base_url in indico.conf to be the same as the one i use to access the site and this hasn’t worked.
The error in my console suggests that the cal l to ajax has been blocked because i am using https - apart from changing my site to being http how do we get around this?

Mixed Content: The page at '' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure XMLHttpRequest endpoint ''. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.
angular_f63f2c32.min.js:333 Error: Failed to load template: xxxxs://
    at angular_f63f2c32.min.js:275
    at angular_f63f2c32.min.js:513
    at wrappedErrback (angular_f63f2c32.min.js:443)
    at wrappedErrback (angular_f63f2c32.min.js:443)
    at angular_f63f2c32.min.js:448
    at Object.$eval (angular_f63f2c32.min.js:484)
    at Object.$digest (angular_f63f2c32.min.js:482)
    at Object.$apply (angular_f63f2c32.min.js:484)
    at done (angular_f63f2c32.min.js:520)
    at completeRequest (angular_f63f2c32.min.js:537)

Did you reload uWSGI after editing the config? Otherwise it doesn’t take the change into account.

sudo systemctl restart uwsgi

Chrome - failed

Firefox (just tried) - working

Not good - but at least i can move on - thanks for your help. Mark.

If you restarted it should work. Try clearing your browser’s cache. I can’t check if your instance serves correct data now since it doesn’t seem to be available from outside your organization.

PS: Since you posted your SECRET_KEY please change it; someone malicious could use this to login as any user. If it’s a test instance it’s not a huge issue but if you reused the same secret key for a production setup, that’d be somewhat bad.

ops - cheers - will do

cheers - its me being stupid - didn’t think of cache!!! - yes, working in chrome now, so original fix suggestion worked fine.