Registration of a new user, if it is possible to approving

We currently have a Indico version 2.0.1 aftrer migration with Indico ver. 1.2.1rc10.
Now anyone can register at Indico by giving an e-mail. Is it possible in Indico to approve (prohibit or allow) the registration of a new user for each newly verified email address ?

Yes, you can enable this in indico.conf:

BTW, the latest released version is 2.0.3 which includes security fixes, please upgrade as soon as possible.

functionality “local moderation” works.
Thank you for your help

BTW, On the admin panel, in the “Administration -> Community hub”, I have the following information: This server is registered as part of the community and is up to date, so I thought that there were no security vulnerabilities for this version.

That means the data (contact email etc) is synchronized with the community hub. If you go to the main admin page, there should be a notification that there is a newer version available.

I do not see these notifications,
should I allow for some outgoing connections from the server, what IPs and ports ?

Unrestricted HTTP/HTTPS would be recommended, since e.g. the LaTeX/PDF generation downloads external images to embed them in the PDF.

If you don’t care about this, being able to access would be sufficient.

I changed the firewall configuration by allowing outgoing connections to (https) and then a notification appeared about newer version available.