Registration Invoices

Good day. I have upgraded to indico 2.0 and would like to know how to create invoices after registration.


Hi, unfortunately Indico does not create invoices beyond the summary on the registration page and the related emails.

So there is no way that we can setup the invoice parser like the previous version?

What do you mean with the “invoice parser”?

On the last version I had a parser that was running to create invoices after registration has been processed. So is there a place where the new version saves invoices for registered delegates ??

That sounds like a custom feature someone added to your indico codebase.

Is it possible that I can install the old version of indico and move everything into it ??

No, you cannot downgrade and we would strongly recommend against this for security reasons in any case. If you had custom code do generate invoices the only good solution is to rewrite this as a plugin for 2.1 (there is no reason to use 2.0 now unless you have heavy modifications that make updating to 2.1 impossible, but that seems somewhat unlikely)