Registration Form Configuration is empty?


recently I took over our local, small indico installation.

so far, so good - now I wanted to create a Test conference to get used to the system.

Unfortunatly, I wasn’t able to configure the Registration Form, it just stays completely blank.
No matter what computer, browser or User Role I took, it always stays empty:

I suspect some module within Indico isn’t working properly. Can somebody tell me where I could investigate? Log files within my Indico Installation Directory are not very helpful since they only seem to log access history.

Thanks in advance,
William K. from Fritz-Haber-Institut Berlin

This is usually caused by Indico being accessed by a URL that does not match BASE_URL in indico.conf - that results in the AJAX requests loading the templates for the registration form to fail due to Same-Origin-Policy violations (you can probably see messages about that in your browser’s developer console).

The solution for this is to use the correct url in indico.conf and then reload/restart uwsgi so the updated config is actually used.

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it’s fixed now!