Registration for Specific Talks

Hello there,

I am using Indico to power a fairly large internal conference for my company. I have the event and the whole schedule setup (I think) correctly.

One thing I was hoping to be able to do that I am not seeing right off the bat is the ability to have people “register” for specific seats in a couple of workshops. This would be to gather head count to properly assess room size needs.

Is that something that is possible out of the box with Indico? If not, how are others managing that kind of thing?


Typical in a scientific conference this kind of registration is handled by the ‘tracks’. So just set up tracks for these workshops and allow ‘register for tracks’ in the registration.

Alternatively you can just use a choice field in the registration.

I am not seeing this option. Where is that located?

It is a bit hidden. The available tracks a configure via the ‘Programme’.

I guess I mean where is the ‘register for tracks’ option? Or is that just a custom select that you put in the registration form?

Yes exactly, you’d just add a custom select field with the options for your tracks etc.