Registration confirmation sender address

We have noticed a possible issue with Indico v2.3.5. When someone registers to an event, the registration confirmation mail is sent out using as a sender address the contact e-mail address of the event, and not the address configured in the “NO_REPLY_EMAIL” parameter in indico.conf (which in our case is

And this happens despite the fact that in the Registration General Settings, under the “Notification sender address” field, it writes “Email address set as the sender of all notifications sent to users. If empty, then is used.” (check attached screenshot).

Indico is using the noreply address, only if we set it explicitly in the “Notification sender address” field for an event.

Is this how indico is supposed to behave ? Or is it a bug ?



That’s always been the behavior, since most events prefer this over a generic noreply address.

PS: 2.x is incredibly outdated, please update to 3.1.1 as soon as possible!

Thanks for your answer. I understand why this is the desired behavior.
But the message under the ‘notification sender address’ field isn’t somewhat misleading ?

We are aware about the update, we are already working on it.