Registration APP

Hello All,
I installed the registration app on my Iphone and cant “add” a conference… I assume this may be tied the the community sync … which is also not working for me…

Any pointers on how to get the reg app to recognize my conference so I can use the QR function would be appreciated…



No, this is unrelated.

Do you get any error?

Note that you MUST have a proper SSL certificate on your Indico instance for the app to work.

Thanks so much for the response! - Yes I have a valid SSL certificate install form “let’s Encrypt” … when scanning the Conference QR code … it scans but that it…,no conference is added to the app and no error message is displayed…


hello All,
Any thoughts on getting the app to recognize my conference …
url is and the certificate is valid…

Many Thanks…

Hello All–
I am wondering if the trouble I am having with the reg app is the localhost referance – If thats the case its grayed out … how / where do I edit that… ?
Thanks do much…

No, that setting is fine.

(PS: You probably should change your client id/secret now that you published it.)

I believe we should publish a new build of the iOS version, since I believe the current one is not compatible with the latest Indico release.

Perhaps this is my problem… IOS compatibility with the latest version…?

Hello pferrier,
Wow that would be great! – I sure would like to use the registration app if at all possible for my event starting in August.
I don’t have a droid so I am stuck with the Iphone / Ipad…



I’ve been at the conference, with no access to a Mac. I’ll try to publish that this week!

Cool! Thanks so much!

So, we have a working iOS version. However, we haven’t been able to publish it on the App Store, since Apple has recently changed its T&C and CERN’s legal service is still looking into the changes (apparently they are more restrictive than before). So, our hands are pretty much tied right now. I hope they reach a conclusion soon.
In the meantime, I could send you an unofficial build, but I believe you’d need a jailbroken device (or at least a developer account) to run that.

Howdy pferreir,
I greatly appreciate the offer! – However my phone is not jailbroken. Hopefully the legal folks will work out some sort of thing with Apple…