Registration and author/speaker

Dear experts,

Regarding conference management, I would like to have a list of participants that have not a contribution (e.g. Talk or Poster), so just attendees. How to do that?

Thank you!
Helena Santos

I don’t think we provide that anywhere…

I don’t think either because I search for it before posting. But it would be useful and easy to implement, I guess.

From the conference management page, you can go to “Organization->Participants” and go to manage list of registrations. This should give you a full list of registered participants. I’m not sure if that is what you wanted.

I think she wants a list of registrants that aren’t speakers in any contribution.

Another advantage of such a list would be a better control of the registrations, e.g. which registrants that have an accepted contribution are missing.

The “missing” participants can be seen on the in “Participants Roles”, there is a column wiht a ticket symbol ( there is also a preset filter for “Unregistered users”).

You could export from both lists and do the diff offline if it is really critical.

Unfortunately the conference was created under an indico version that do not have “Unregistered users”. There is only “Users with no account” in preset filter.