Registering multiple visitors at the same time

we have one “problem” with indico at the moment and that is that we host multiply family events a year, where one person should be able to register himself and his family members with one registration, because the kids often dont have an emailaddress of their own. We want to see that one person registered 4 attendees and those 4 tickets should be substracted from the total ticket contingent. Is this somehow possible at the moment?

Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. We did discuss the concept of “lightweight registrants” at some point, but it creates a whole lot of issues that we’re not yet sure how to approach.
I encourage you to open a ticket about this, maybe someone else in the community has the same need and would be willing to contribute such a feature. I checked quickly and couldn’t find an existing one. It would be great to have this at some point.


what you could do is to accept registrations for the main person, and allow a selection of ‘places’ via a choice field in the registration form. These places get subtracted from a common pool.
If you need additional data, probably a free text field can be used.

The only thing currently missing is a way to get this information in tickets (see for try to tackle this).

The “Places limit” is the total pool of available places. Max. extra slots puts an upper limit on how many extra person can get registered with one main registration.

But how would you translate a single registration to multiple tickets? You can use custom fields, but that will only work for a single ticket/badge. Unless your template “emulates” several tickets, but then you’d always print a fixed number per page…

Yes , this would produce a single ticket with something like:

4 places selected

Hi, I am translating core.js item 343. “Extra slots pay”. I can’ t understand the context in which this message will appear.

Hi @michelot, I think this is a better fit for the i18n section, but here it goes: when registering e.g. for social activities, you may sometimes select “additional slots”, meaning that you will bring e.g. family with you. These people may have to pay a fee or not, depending on the activity. This is related to the object of this thread, but a slightly different case.