Register redirect

Hello, please is there a way to redirect users to another url when they hit the ‘register’ button after completing the event form? Will be on standby for a hand trick to this, thanks.


In case this is meant for redirecting to an external payment page, there’s a somewhat easy workaround: Use the ‘bank transfer’ payment option, rename it to a different title in the event, and use the freetext field to place the link. There won’t be an automated redirect, but the user can still click the link (and will have the usual “go to checkout” UI around everything).

Thanks will take a look at it.

Should the ‘bank transfer’ option be under ‘payments’? Because I don’t see it there please

It’s provided by the payment_manual plugin (part of the official indico-plugins meta package). Maybe it’s not installed or not enabled in indico.conf?

Okay so I have just placed it in indico.conf as PLUGINS = {‘payment_manual’}

But don’t see it under payments yet

With a pip freeze I see indico-plugin-payment-manual==3.2

You need to systemctl restart indico-uwsgi.service for config changes to be taken into account.

Perfect seen! Will update the ‘bank transfer’ as adviced and check it out. Thanks

So as advised the link should go into the ’ Payment details*’ field, right?

Yes. Of course this only makes sense if it’s payment-related - otherwise it’d be very confusing for users…

Thanks. I got it sorted, much appreciated.

Hi Adrian. I trust you’re doing great? I inserted the payment link but is there a way to make the link clickable from there?

IIRC. you can use standard markdown in there for formatting.
So [link title](https://link.url) should work. If title and URL are the same, just using <https://link.url> MAY work as well (but I have not tested that)

Worked! Much appreciated!

Hi Adrian. Is it possible to have two payment links for two forms in one event?

No, that’s not possible. You could however point to some custom site/script (outside indico) that then uses the registration form id placeholder to redirect to a different target.

Okay. The two links both point to an external link. I’m trying to wrap my head around this possible fix, with the links

So I have;
These are the two forms in one event. Since when I place a url into the bank transfer, the forms will both lead to this url. Kindly elaborate further on the solution please.

If you want different final URLs for different registration forms you need to host a script somewhere and link to that one from Indico. Since you can use the various placeholders - including one for the registration form id - you can pass this and then on your custom script redirect to the correct final payment URL depending on that value.

Noted and where in indico can I host the scripts please.