Register interest in a conference?


Is it possible for a user to indentify themselves as being interested in a specific conference before actually registering and hence paying money? This happens after users submit an abstract, but we would like users to be able register interest in attending without submitting an abstract. My plan would be to assign such users the role “Potential Participation” within the confernce. Then we can easily communicate with them.

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No, but you could use a separate regform for this purpose.

Thank you! That’s sounds like what I was hoping for. How would we implement it?

In the management area you can create as many registration forms as you want for an event.

Ah, I see. I can create tags and put a tag on someone who fills out an “Interested to Participate” form. Can I use the tag to filter users for personlized emails?

Those registrations will be completely separate lists anyway, so no need to filter by this.

But that aside, you can filter the list of registrants by tags.

One last question. On the public facing page, turning on registration shows a link with “Registration” as it’s title. Can I change that name to “Pre-Registration” via the UI or do we need to do something at a deeper level?

Thank you so much for all your help.

No, they’re all shown as registration (iirc only the subtitle of the page when viewing that actual form uses the custom title of your registration form)

OK. I have a workflow using the registration system that will do what I want. Thank you very much!

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