Recommended OS for indico 3

Hi all,
I need to update our Indico server to the version 3 and in your guide you recommend to have a new VM.
Any suggestion for the OS? We actually are installing Rocky Linux in all the new VMs but I’m not sure it will work for Indico.
Maybe it’s better Debian 11?
Alberto Nardella

RockyLinux is a CentOS replacement, so if you follow the CentOS guide you should be fine.
Indico just needs a system capable of running apache or nginx as webserver, a postgres database and python3.9/(3.10) for the indico application code. And a LaTeX install for the abstracts pdf creation.

Exactly this :slight_smile: We basically provide a step by step guide that can be used even by people not very familiar with deploying a Python webapp, but adapting it to any other Linux distribution is usually straightforward as long as you know how your distribution works.

PS: Python 3.10 is only supported as of Indico 3.2 (git master); 3.1 still requires Python 3.9.

The infrastructure team doesn’t want to install indico becasue is too hard for them and they don’t want to give me root rigths in the server so I need to use the dockerized version…
But in any case thank you for your reply