Questions about upgrade - 2.3.2 to 3.x

Hello. I have taken over admin of an Indico system set up as follows:

  • Indico 2.3.2 running on Ubuntu 16.04 in AWS
  • PostgreSQL 9.6.19 AWS RDS Aurora database

The ‘Upgrading from 2.x to 3.x’ instructions look pretty clear (thanks!), but I have a couple of questions:

  1. I urgently need to upgrade the database, to something newer than PG 9.6.19. If I do this first, will Indico 2.3.2 be happy with that? If so, will any newer PG version be OK, or should I go for a certain version (10, 11, 12, 13)?

  2. The upgrade instructions mention that the /opt/indico/archive subdirectory should be copied over to the new server when migrating the data of an old Indico 2.x service to 3.x on a new server. However, I suspect my 2.3.2 install on Ubuntu 16.04 has a long history. It has events dating back to at least 2002 (19 years ago!). The /opt/indico/archive contains these subdirectories:


Are these the subdirectories you’d expect to see in the archive subdirectory?

oldarchive contains subdirs 2010, 2011, … etc to 2017 Doing some investigation of older events in my Indico, it seems the attachments for these old events are held here, including events from well before 2010.

I suspect oldindico isn’t needed. oldindico/db contains some Data.fs* files from 2017. oldindico/etc contains some Indico .conf files from 2015.

Any guidance or experiences gratefully received.

Thanks, Andy

latest stable version is a good choice. so 13+. we haven’t tested with 14 but we don’t expect any problems.

If I do this first, will Indico 2.3.2 be happy with that?

Yes, Indico v2 on a recent Postgres version works fine.

Check your indico.conf - the STORAGE_BACKENDS entries are the important folders you need to copy. Most likely that’s just oldarchive (files from before indico v2).

Thanks for the speedy reply. Regarding the archive, I have:
STORAGE_BACKENDS = {'default': 'fs:/opt/indico/archive', 'legacy': 'fs-readonly:/opt/indico/archive/oldarchive'}
Is it a problem that one of these is inside the other? I can see that all recent stuff is going into /opt/indico/archive/event.

No, that’s OK. Keeping them separate would be cleaner though. Anyway, for the sake of copying data with your current setup all you need is /opt/indico/archive since that contains everything). oldindico can most likely be removed though (or better: simply not copied to the new server); it sounds like a folder that might contain the legacy Indico 1.x ZODB files.

The indico configs in /opt/indico/etc/ are worth copying as well, especially if you made any changes to them.