Questions about Paper Peer Reviewing module

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I have some questions about e-mail notifications in Paper Peer Reviewing module.

  1. In the settings, I found check boxes on who to notify and when. This is fine. I would like to know how can I change the template that is being sent? It’s not editable through UI similar to Call for Abstracts e-mail notifications?
  2. In case an author uploads a paper, is there a way to notify Paper managers even though there is no Judge or Content reviewer assigned to that paper. This is handy so that paper managers can act accordingly when the papers are received.

Other questions related to the module:

  1. Is there a way to limit the file type that is being uploaded? We would like to limit to DOCX and ODT only
  2. Is there a way to limit file size on upload?
  3. When the reviewer is assigned to a paper for review, is there a way for him to decline a review (i.e. if it’s not in his domain of expertise)
  4. When a reviewer opens the paper he is assigned to, is there a way to automatically load Review form instead of big comment window and then a Review button on the side? It is counter intuitive to use the review button when you have a big comment section right in front of you. I know we can instruct the reviewers to use the button, but I would like to make it little more user friendly.

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Not possible yet, unfortunately.

Not that I know of :frowning:

This is already possible in the new Paper Editing module, but not yet in the (older) Peer Reviewing one.


No, they’d have to ask to be reassigned.

Indeed, the usability tests we’ve done have demonstrated that this dialog is not very user-friendly. We will change that in the future, but for now there is no workaround.

(Sorry for being so “negative”, but unfortunately we’re still missing all of that. GitHub issues are welcome though)

@pferreir Thanks for the info. Hope some of these features reach some future release :slight_smile:

For the e-mail templates in Paper Peer Review module, it would be helpful to list path to template so I can edit it manually if not possible through UI.

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Ivo may help you :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m aware of that, I just didn’t know the path to e-mail templates, but managed to find it now:

I guess I would put new e-mail template to /custom/templates/emails/ ?


If you enable CUSTOMIZATION_DEBUG indico will print the path to use in the logfile.

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