Pulling information from the postgres database

We are running Indico version 2.3.2 and have just over 8k events in our instance. The question about security for these events and any corresponding materials/contributions has come up and I’m wondering if there is an easy way to pull the following information from Indico via the back-end postgres database or the API:

  • print list of managers for every category
  • print permission mode setting for every category and event
  • best way to do a bulk change to the permission mode for every category in Indico (if we have to reset the permission mode globally to Protected)

Any help would be appreciated.


I would not recommend going straight to the database, but rather using indico shell. It’s basically a Python shell that has the Indico environment (DB access etc.) configured.

As a starting point for categories, you may be interested in this script: indico_email_insecure_cats.py · GitHub

Thanks for the response. Can you provide specific examples for pulling this information using indico shell ?

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